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Take the stress out of managing your diverse workforce!
Build your team – simply and powerfully –  together!

  • Powerful Transformational Teambuilding!
  • Amazing Workplace Diversity Management Programs
  • Fun and Effective Workplace Diversity Training!

Full programmes come with life-time support!

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For National and International Diversity Facilitators/ Speakers and Consultants
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Celebrating Humanity© is totally transforming the way in which people in diverse teams work with each other!

This is one of the most successful Transformational Workplace Diversity programs in existence.

How much is your company, or organisation, losing to:

• Negativity and Arguing?
• Incessant Gossiping & Backbiting?
• Cross-cultural Clashes?
• Silly Time-wasting Workplace Disputes?
• Frustrating time spent in mediation ?
• Unnecessary Labour Lawyers' fees?
• Mis-understandings, Mis-trust & Mis-communications?
• Inability to communicate with diverse clients and/ or team members?
• A lack of Professionalism and Accountability?
• Excessive absenteeism?
• Racism and Prejudice?

If so, then you and your team will derive long-term benefit from a Celebrating Humanity© intervention...

E-mail our team for a proposal.

Instantly take the stress out of managing and leading your team and free up your leadership to do what they are paid to do!

Mthimkhulu International will:-

Place the challenges of workplace diversity management firmly in the hands of your team/s and let them manage interpersonal interactions on an ongoing basis!
Develop respect within your team in just a days!
Help to remove Prejudice, Racism, Gossiping, Backbiting and Negativity and set your team up to to manage that for you!
Create an interpersonal code of behaviour and values – with your team. Get your team/s to decide on what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
Put in place a "team-managed and ongoing relationship management program" to protect yourself from wasting time managing and stressing out on inter-personal and inter-diversity challenges.

You simply need THREE things:

• A United Diverse Workforce that owns and manages its respect for self and each other!
A team clearing of past inter-personal challenges and commitment to the future!
• An "uncomplicated" solution that fully involves you and your team/s and allows you much more hassle-free time to lead your team to greater business successes!

... All of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

The Celebrating Humanity Transformational Team-building program will give you and your team the skills and ability to:

• Reduce wasted management time and unnecessary stress from day ONE!
• Use professionally-designed processes to easily implement workplace transformation with exceptional results!
• Be a part of the process to ensure that it is on track.
• Clear interpersonal challenges with and in your team for a fresh start!
• Ensure that the power-bases do not form and that all team members are equally protected including YOURSELF!
• Handle the actual challenges facing each team with total buy-in of all team members!
• Powerfully and positively transform the way that you do business in a long-term and effective intervention.

E-mail our team for a proposal.

Celebrating-Humanity-Projects.com showcases programs in progress, completed programs and forthcoming programs.

By Mthimkhulu International

The Celebrating Humanity© Program

Workplace Diversity

South Africa

The Celebrating Humanity© program is a highly successful transformational teambuilding program, incorporating intra-personal, inter-personal and inter-diversity awareness and skills training, teambuilding within diverse teams and a peer-driven workplace diversity management and conflict program.


The International Celebrating Humanity© program and its contents are adjusted for the country, company, organisation and region in which it is facilitated. Facilitation teams are client-focussed and adjust activities and processes according to the needs of their customers.

Celebrating Humanity© has been proven to be a highly successful and World-class transformational teambuilding program, incorporating diversity training, teambuilding within diverse teams and a peer-driven workplace diversity and conflict management program.

Community, Family and Social Diversity

The early elements of the program have been proven to transform personal, interpersonal, family and social relationships. Public programs facilitated with people from differing backgrounds, organisations, communities and the many other diversities, have proven to be "life-changing."


Some Outcomes

There are many outcomes to the Celebrating Humanity© program. These are personal, team-based, social and family.

Personal, Social and Family

• Improved understanding of self and accountability for communication and actions.
• Improved, Open & Clear Communication
• Enhanced relationships with self, family and others.
• Personal motivation.
• Greater respect for self and others.
• Skills, awarenss and ability to enhance future relationships.
• Personal shift from conflict to caring.


• United Professionalism
• Open & Clear Communication
• Team accountability for actions, communications and outcomes.
• Peer-based and peer-managed workplace diversity management/ leadership.
• Team conflict resolution structure.
• Team clearing of past inter-personal challenges.
• Team Recognition of individual and team performance and achievements.
• Team-accountability for developing communication, understanding, support and discipline.
• Team managed exclusion of negativity, conflict, backbiting, gossiping and other negative behaviours.

E-mail our team for a proposal.


The non-threatening, fun, inclusive and effective Exhilarating Learning© methodologies actively encourage and support fear-free participation and allow for deep shifts in limiting beliefs and paradigms.

Schoolyard Diversity

The Dream Dynasty© program, initiated in the USA by Mthimkhulu International and Times2 Academy in Providence RI, has shown that the adapted methodologies and processes can transform schools and the learners/ students path through life.


Past and current clients include:-

Eskom Ltd, Toyota SA, First National Bank, Times2 Academy, Providence, RI - USA, Ethekwini Municipality, Dept. of Transport, KZN - RSA, BMW SA, Standard Bank - SA, Bank of Zambia, Discovery Health, SunCoast Casino, Monte Casino, BoE Bank, Engen..

The Program

A graphic overview of the full Celebrating Humanity Harvest© program is included below. Please note that the breaks, between programs, are variable and are dependent upon organisation size and team availability.

Each program is available separately and can be facilitated individually, as a team-build, diversity sensitivity program or a workplace diversity management program.

• 1 day Eye-Opener©
• 2 day Foundation©
• 3 day Foundation© & Values Circle©
• Full Harvest© program, as shown below.

* Support includes Monthly newsletter and email/ telephic support for graduates.

Public programs are more focussed on individual transformation and the individual's interface and interactions with other people.

Harvest Transformational Team-Building ©

Diversity interventions - Standing at a Crossroads.

Companies and organisations are either under pressure to transform and include people from all backgrounds in a fair and equitable manner, or once transformed are often challenged by poor inter-diversity relationships and understanding of the need for transformation.

Companies and organisations who need this type of intervention are at a crossroads of danger and opportunity. The danger lies in the potentially divisive nature of such interventions and yet there are huge hidden opportunities to build individual, teams, organisation and to an extent the future of our country.

Transformation and diversity management programs that isolate, intimidate and ignore people are self-defeating. If any person/ sector/ department or group feels threatened the process will be wasted and more so it could negatively impact your organisation.

The opportunity to build is found in the wisdoms, uniquenesses, talents, skills and histories of the group.

The methodologies ensure that transformation is non-threatening, unifying and inclusive as possible.

Learning is fun, motivational and exciting.Inclusivity has two main dimensions, firstly, everyone feels valued and valuable and secondly all levels of the organisation/ team participate fully in the program.

“In our early days in this field we operated through the shock therapy style of presentation. Some people survived and some didn’t! The main challenge was that we worked from a paradigm that judged people by their backgrounds.

We now, through studying international learning methodologies and through personal experience and introspection, have found fun and non-threatening methods of bringing understanding, building relationships and accountability.” Brian Moore - M.I.

Transforming ourselves, our teams and our lives

In order to develop ourselves and our team at work we need to develop an understanding of our dependency, independency and inter-dependency.

Once we understand that we need each other to survive and succeed we will observe that our actions, positive or negative, impact ourselves, our teams and our dependents.

It is true that the quality of life that we lead, the clothes that we wear, the humanity that we exude, the food on our table, the education of our family depends on the quality of our relationships within and outside of the workplace.

When seen in this context we begin to understand that there is a vital need for teamwork for us all to succeed. And the more diverse the backgrounds, skills and talents of the team, the more we win.

The challenge is that diverse teams will only win through respect, tolerance and understanding and that is our starting point.

Knowing who we are...

An ongoing process of humanisation and communication builds the group at a human level. Communicating and developing understanding of the commonalities and uniquenesses that we all bring.

The next steps would be to develop an understanding of our intra-personal uniqueness and the ability to assess the uniqueness in other people in terms of their personality types and learning/ communication styles.

These simple skills will develop and enhance interpersonal understanding and communication.

Accountability for who we are...

When we take responsibility for our attitudes, our communication and our behaviour we can create a safe environment for ourselves, our families and other people.

To further develop a nurturing environment we develop problem-solving and solution-finding skills and learn to handle reactions to external stimuli.

Often we act out of historical programming when a short time for thought will break the cycle of anger.

When we use the feeling of anger as a signal for thought, "Why am I feeling this anger?" or "Is this person saying this to hurt me?", we have an opportunity to respond rather than react. This can saves lives, families, sales and relationships!

Who adds to me and what do we contribute from our backgrounds, cultures, experience and traditions?

Through enjoyable, safe and non-threatening methodologies and processes we are able to learn - from each other - more about our lives, history, cultures and religions. In teams, selected by delegates on the basis of "who adds to me", we are able to compete in fun and respectful ways on issues of diversity.

In this way a safe environment of communication and life-long learning is created.As these processes unfold team members will begin to identify and break down old prejudicial paradigms and the foundations are laid for an ongoing respect based inter-personal team agreement.

At this point the 2 day Foundation© session ends.

Accountability for how we behave.

(1 day - Values Circle Process - by team and/ or department)

"At the level of respect all people are equal."

Most companies and organisation send down a list of management-decided values. Very few people know, remember and subscribe to the values, especially management. These values are only paraded at disciplinary hearings.

In order for individual change to be perpetuated within the team it is critical that the environment is kept safe and empowering by a team-decided and managed set of interpersonal values.

These values are set to manage how team members interact and do not impact or negate corporate values.

This people-centred guidance system, if properly designed and implemented, will develop an ethic of praising and honouring the praiseworthy.

Those who have personal challenges will often need professional support and those who continuously break the rules must be disciplined.

Regular meeting time must be committed to allow the development of understanding and to offer guidance to those who break their self-chosen values.

The greater team manages the ongoing process offering support, guidance and discipline in a properly constituted system.

In this way we will have developed accountability and responsibility for our actions, within our team and an ongoing values structures to maintain respect and teamwork at the level of human interaction.

This will definitely and positively impact family and social interactions.

A good leadership team will be part of the development and ongoing implementation of the program and will be subject to the decisions of the structure.

A follow-up team-build, assessment and adjustment program known as the Gathering© is facilitated approximately 12 months after the Values Circle process is formally constituted.

With 1 year history of monthly meetings groups will have transformed substantially and be ready to cement the process into the future.

Through the Transformational Team-building© program Celebrating Humanity©, people will understand their amazing relevance as individuals, team members & members of their organisations

Contact us on

Email: brian@africa-dreams.com
27 (0)79 643 4457

E-mail our team for a proposal.

If your team is struggling in a bad office environment and team work is suffering, your can go for traditional conflict management or try different forms of conflict resolution.

However in order to achieve true team building you cannot us a few once-off team building exercises. And occasional and ill-conceived team building events may do your team more harm than good. This will definitely result in an angry office, more interpersonal conflict and without a doubt stressful team conflict.

So when you seek teamwork quotations and are looking for a team building exercise or team building courses look no further than Celebrating Humanity Corporate team building to get your team training that respects team diversity, whilst building team leadership.

This will effectively remove the actions of those bullying office types and the team conflict that invariably will stress office and workplace staff. This excellent team development tool, offered by powerful team building consultants goes about building teams by removing both interpersonal conflict and conflict in the workplace. For it is workplace conflict that will result unnecessary workplace gossip quotes doing the rounds.

So if at this point you are short of team building ideas and team development is critical to you, remember that in order to be building teams, your next team building training must include:-
•        Fun team building
•        Focused teambuilding activities
•        Teamwork skills
•        Team Conflict Resolution
•        Team building skills
•        Team dynamics conflict resolution
•        Managing conflict techniques
•        Managing change components
•        Conflict Leadership transformation
•        Resolving work conflict skills
•        Transformational Management Skills

And strategies to remove:-
•        office bullies and the bullies work and the long damage caused by their bullying.
•        Office gossip, work gossip and workplace gossip.
•        Team conflicts.
•        Hostile office environments.
•        Conflict in a team.
•        All effects the toxic office.
•        Attitudes of your difficult people working for you.

Celebrating Humanity includes free team building articles and build teamwork management skills, through executive team building, employee team building and through specially designed and client-focused teambuilding events. And through our unique team building strategies for, remove conflict in the workplace.

These unique and highly successful team building methods ensure that this powerful diversity team building will build your teamwork communication, because when facilitating team or building teams - communication is the major critical factor.

Now you can get a team-building proposal from our team, or check out our team building projects at Celebrating Humanity Projects or you can buy our Team Conflict Resolution Strategies eBook.

Whichever you choose, our teams have been involved in the following projects:-

  • International Team building Projects in the USA, Zambia and Namibia.
  • SA Teambuilding/ Teambuilding in South Africa/ Teambuilding South Africa. (In almost all nine provinces.)
  • Team building in Gauteng/ Teambuilding Gauteng, Teambuilding Johannesburg/ Team building in Johannesburg and Pretoria Teambuilding (Eskom, IDC, HIV SA, Monte Casino, SA Weather, Department of Foreign Affairs.)
  • Team-building Mining Industry (Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation, Assmang Managanese, Assmang Chrome.)
  • Corporate team building Cape Town, Team building in Cape Town, Teambuilding Cape Town, Teambuilding Activities in Cape Town, Team building Western Cape (C&S Audio)
  • Teambuilding KZN/ Durban Team building/ Teambuilding JTeam building KZN (Ethekwini Municipality/ Suncoast/ Rennies Shipping Agencies/ Rennies Cargo Terminals/ Various Government Departments/ Hesto Harnesses.)
  • We have run diversity training and team building in Namibia, Team building in Zambia and we are looking forward to facilitating team building in Kenya, Mocambique and Tanzania.
  • And we are leading professionals in the areas of South Africa Diversity Training and South African Diversity Management Training.





Jan is saving 100's of people/ days...

The work atmosphere was an absolute nightmare. Nobody wanted to be here. There was very visible hostility.

We lost more than 100 people/ days resolving conflict and grievances! AND, the bill from the lawyers was over US$11500 (R75,000)

What I like most is the Celebrating Humanity Values Circle© program, which is put in place to sustain the training. I can only describe it as great!

Our Year end function was incredible – the whole team danced together - what a sight!

JG, Eskom, Johannesburg, South Africa.


JV's team members went from negativity and conflict to promotion, after attending a Celebrating Humanity Harvest© program...

"The whole group of people changed systematically and began to be completely positive towards each other, the company and the supervisor.

Communication, respect and ownership improved from all sides by 100%.

The respect between different race groups has been restored and some of the people who were negative have changed so much that they have been promoted to higher positions with greater responsibility.

Jan Vermeulen, Eskom, Ellisras, South Africa


Million Mbatha of Suncoast Casino has already sent over 400 of his team on the 1 day Celebrating Humanity Eye-Opener programme.

I have no doubt in my mind that this intervention will go a long way towards creating an environment in which equity in the workplace is not seen as a threat but as an opportunity to diversify our workforce and improve skills.

The company now intends to roll out the training to cover all levels of employees.

Million Mbatha – HR Manager - Suncoast Casino & Entertainment World


The Celebrating Humanity Harvest Program© confirmed that we are all people with similar aspirations and values systems.

Our diversity in the workplace and cultural composition should enhance our relationships, rather than fragment them.

I realised that this was a life-changing experience.

We would continue to regulate future behaviour and interaction with others.

Inspector Ashley Dove - Durban Metro Police


The transformation at Marburg has been remarkable.

Ian McFadden.
Eskom - RSA


You showed me that there are many ways to deal with diversity in the workplace situations and people, which helped me a lot in my personal life, and in my work.

To be able to be with my co-workers in a calm and relaxed environment, made me realize we are all different, but so alike.

Celebrating Humanity Harvest© graduate.
Marie Beets
Eskom - RSA


You have left a permanent impression and a loving legacy here.”

Ralph Taylor – Dean of Dreams at Times² Academy in Providence - Rhode Island, USA.


... the diversity in the workplace program did much to lessen tensions in the workplace and to create a more harmonious environment.

John Abercrombie - Rennies Cargo Terminals


What you do is make a difference.

It is the type of work that can change our whole society for the better.

James Vd Berg
SA Container Depots


Thank you for an inspiring and life changing diversity in the workplace program.

It has changed me and my outlook on life and has definitely helped me to grow as an individual .

It provided a safe place for me explore my potential.

Priscilla Munsamy
Ethekwini Municipality - Durban - RSA


The methodology
of the course
is brilliant in its effectiveness.

I have never experienced a diversity in the workplace training course so real,
so experiential, so practical,
so unifying yet so simple and diverse.

It is all in one.

It makes me feel more like a human.

Siyasanga Giyose
Ethekwini Municipality - Durban - RSA


Mthimkhulu International - Building united teams within diverse organisations.

Celebrating Humanity© is an accredited values-founded Transformational Team-building© programme, designed to develop Communication, Understanding, Tolerance, Responsibility and Accountability within Diverse Groups, Organisations and Teams.

Celebrating Humanity© gracefully combines learning skills from the West, the spirit of the East, the humanness of the South with the artistic ability of the North.

These wisdoms of the World create a powerful relationship-building programme.
(See Creating a Unified Team)

Our unique Exhilarating Learning© methodologies allows delegates to openly interact in a safe, fun, effective and exciting environment.

The flagship Harvest© programme is offered in a series of unique Celebrating Humanity© modules which form part of an extensive and highly recommended programme.

Companies, Government departments and organisations, both in South Africa and internationally, which need to transform their teams can try to "manage diversity" by running traditional "diversity training, team-building, or "managing diversity" programmes.

Alternatively, they can truly build their organisations and teams by Celebrating Humanity© with Mthimkhulu International. - Brian and Arthie Moore

For more information:
+27 82 552 3352 or
Email: info@africa-dreams.com

Mthimkhulu International’s multi-skilled and multi-lingual National & International Facilitators travel extensively and are highly respected for their knowledge of team-building and knowledge transfer techniques, communication, religions, diversities, traditions, cultures, music, dance, feasts and festivals.

Follow-up processes and programmes ensure lasting change, growth and life-long learning within graduate teams.

Ongoing Support is available to all graduates via e-mail, website and newsletter.


Client feedback is included on each page.

For example go to: A bean is revealed or Exhilarating Learning Overview

Mthimkhulu International - Building united teams within diverse organisations.

For more information:

+27 82 552 3352 or
Email: info@africa-dreams.com


Contact Brian or Arthie
27 (0)79 643 4457

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