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Exhilarated Learning© - Overview


I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the venue. The balloons, books, photographs and other personal memorabilia served to create a wonderfully festive atmosphere. I was immediately filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement as to what lie ahead in the next three days. I was impressed by the various activities and the self-discovery that accompanied those activities. AD - Inspector, Durban Metro Police - 2002.

All courses that I attend are serious, people have to break that. People sit there and do not understand but keep quiet. This course is free. People talk. We open up and communicate. It is very well structured. Everyone is free and relaxed. I am enjoying myself. Delegate BMW SA - 2003

The wonderful way that you present the course, It is free, we interacted with each other. I am learning more today than I ever had because of the way that you create the surroundings to be so peaceful. It is powerful, the amount of learning that I am receiving because it is fun. Delegate BMW SA - 2003

Normally at other training sessions, we sit in front of books, don’t talk, and I feel stressed. Here it is so much different, these few days I felt so loose, relaxed getting to know each other. It was wonderful to get away from tension and stress. The environment that you created allowed me to learn and understand more than I have ever had the opportunity to before. Delegate BMW SA - 2003

Exhilarating Learning© an exciting, inclusive and safe way to learn!

Exhilarating Learning© incorporates the spirit of humanity in high-powered accelerated learning techniques, which activate all of the human learning senses in individual, group & team-focussed processes and exercises.

Open Minds and Total Participation are ensured through the unique environment and processes.
Learning is ensured through and the use of Intellectual, Visual, Audio & Kinesthetic sensors.
Long-term Understanding is developed through introspection and the questioning environment.
Knowledge and Understanding is developed though the Inclusivity processes.
Inclusivity is achieved by drawing in all delegates through their history, cultures, skills, talents, diversities and languages.
Inter-group Communication is assured through the Primer© and dedicated in-room techniques.
Inter-personal and Intra-personal Communication Awareness and Skills are developed practically.
Teamwork is ensured through Team reliance on each individuals' Unique Talents, Skills and Knowledge
Teamwork is further developed through Group Achievement and the need for Total Participation of all delegates.
Mutual Respect is ensured through the Competition Points System.
Perpetuation of Transformation is maintained through the Values Circle©, a peer-selected, peer-managed and sustained values based programme, based in Praise and Honour, Understanding, Guidance, Support and Discipline.
Exhilarating Learning© Tools include Story-telling, Music, Video and Competition Incentives.

Exhilarating Learning Unity

Exhilarating Learning Togetherness

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