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Monte Casino 20 April 2004

  • I've enjoyed the interaction, and learning abut different cultures. The attitude games was an Eye-Opener.
  • I enjoyed learning about different cultures. Today, when we had to choose attitudes, it touched me. I realised that if I give a bad attitude, I will get it back. I have learnt so much.
  • Games and teamwork. If we keep it at work. Monte will be a great place. Did not know my managers are fun.
  • I enjoyed getting to know different cultures eg. English, Tswana, Afrikaans etc. "what I like about you" game, it's nice to know that through observing people at work I now see them totally different. It's all about humanity for me.
  • Loved the exercise on culture. Accept we are human but different, but can speak to each other on a human level. Enjoyed the "what I like about you", seeing people's appreciation of me and what I do in the work.
  • I enjoyed the "what I like about you" process. I got to know and speak to people I don't normally know or speak to.
  • I enjoyed all the sessions today, learning about people I don't normally work with. People are good judge of character.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the attitudes game and Cultural circle. I loved it. Now I have some thing in common to speak to each person. Lots of things to carry through to work from this course.

Human and thereby organisational performances are often restricted by the lack of respect, relationships and understanding within diverse teams.

Often organisations try to solve the challenge by running traditional "Diversity Training programmes". When these interventions fail - they then spend years attempting to patch up the damage caused by over-defining "them and us" and how "we and they" behave. This can be hugely counter-productive, costly and stressful.

Mthimkhulu International has developed Transformational Team-building© - a uniquely African and International approach to develop unity within teams and organisations.

Stalcor-Natal, Durban 2004

  • Is non-confrontational and uses the many diversities, skills and backgrounds of delegates as powerful team-building and uniting tools.
  • Improves communication and relationships both at work and at home
  • Develops respect, appreciation of uniqueness, teamwork, communication and accountability
  • Builds a peer-created and managed formal & sustainable values-based work environment.
  • Ensures Life-long learning and successful interventions through the very interactive, powerful, non-threatening, highly motivating and exciting nature of the processes and our unique Exhilarating Learning Methodologies©.

Mthimkhulu International's Transformational team-building© programmes fly under the Celebrating Humanity© banner. The Harvest© is our flagship programme.

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